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Discussion in 'General' started by Oitsuki, May 17, 2019.

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    that kinda depends on what CMS you use. obviously wix/shopify/ have their own systems.

    assuming you've created the site area and database in ispconfig, (can also be scripted through the api).
    as an example for wordpress, again, assuming you've got the WP cli installed on the server, you can install wordpress using wp cli, then install the necessary plugins, including page builder plugins/themes like divi, beaver, elementor etc. it can all be done with the WP cli, and that can be scripted.
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    I have not a cms like wordpress, It 's an open source e-commerce.
    yes if it's exit an api for IspConfig, it will be cool.
    A user create accross a form a subdomain
    A process create the web space on the server and the sql db
    A zip is somewhere on server or downloaded directly from github for example
    The files is move to the webspace with the good right
    The system creates the config files with the good element (bd, password, user)
    An email is sent on the user with the necessary element.
    Maybe a cron delete the webspace after a delay.
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    well, if the user creates anything themselves in ispconfig, then ispconfig will create the webspace for it automatically.
    if it's a form filled in elsewhere, or order in eg whmcs, Plesk etc. you'll have to link that to ispconfig, either with a plugin, or via the api.

    once the webspace and database exist. you'll have to install your software. you'll have to check the install instructions for whatever it is you've chosen to decide if it's suitable, if it's just a case of downloading and extracting files, and then adding db details to a config file (and maybe fill in other user/site details) then it should be possible to script it.
    might need to create an ssh user, use that (with eg ansible scripts) to install the software, configure the config files etc, then delete the ssh user. ansible/puppet etc can do all of that.

    it'll probably take quite a bit of effort to get it working to start with. can see some definite obstacles. have you checked the software isn't already available as a 1 click install with the APS installer? might be easier to just point users to that if the software is already there.
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    No I don't know any software can do that. I use only APS, the other competitor I am not familiar

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