Auto-responder (sending mail?) issue

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by digitalquill, Jun 5, 2009.

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    I have been playing with the Auto-Responders for emails and it doe not seem to be working on my install. However when I look at the mail-queue I can see two emails which I guess are those auto-responses?

    Data from: 2009-06-05 06:05
    -Queue ID- --Size-- ----Arrival Time---- -Sender/Recipient-------
    C46FDF080DA 1038 Wed Jun 3 17:18:25 MAILER-DAEMON
    (connect to[]: Connection timed out)

    51D40F080C0 1047 Wed Jun 3 10:34:28 MAILER-DAEMON
    (connect to[]: Connection timed out)

    -- 3 Kbytes in 2 Requests.

    I have no idea where to start looking for this problem. Can anyone give me some pointers?

    I have also not tried smtp via the server so unsure if that is a problem as well

    Any help would be fantastic


    Matt houldsworth
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    You are right the IP address is blacklisted. It is a brand new server so I will be contacting my ISP to get a different IP address... Oh well.

    Thanks for your Help

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