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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by jamesl22, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. jamesl22

    jamesl22 New Member

    It would be nice to see a system whereby when a user creates a new site, alias domain or sub-domain etc, ISPConfig automatically creates DNS zones for them. This way, hosting users with little experience can just point their domains to the hosts nameservers.
  2. nayr

    nayr New Member

    id like to see a new site wizard that setups dns/mysql/ftp/mail in one quick process.. perhaps that could be hooked into easily to install web-software..
  3. mmidgett

    mmidgett Member

    I too would like to see this feature.

    Client logs in and go's to add a new site. From this tab you can setup everything all at one time.
  4. jamesl22

    jamesl22 New Member

  5. nveid

    nveid ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    This is already planned.. Its planned to implement into the Dashboard module when we get around to it.. I was going to do it, though had some more pertinent things to do first.

    Here's the existing feature in the tracker.

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