Auto Backing up and Restore of ISPConfig 3

Discussion in 'General' started by harrythehamster, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. harrythehamster

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    Hello :)

    After installing and having a play around with the control panel I have found that it is a very good control panel and does everything I require :)

    I have decided that I will be using this control panel on either Debian 6 or Ubuntu 12.04 on my main 'live' VPS to host all of my websites and blogs.

    One thing that I am a little concerned with is the fact that there is not a means of backing up all of the sites and mysql on a regular basis and have them rotated on the vps so it does not take up to much space. One thing that I would love to do is to backup my vps sites, mysql and files every 2 days and have a way to automatically reinstall that backup if I have my server compromised at anytime so I do not loose all of my data or my websites.

    Can any one suggest a good program or script that will allow me to do backups and with also allow me to restore those backups easily.

    I am not very knowledgeable on programing so any suggestions would be most helpful. I am sort of a newbie at this :)

    Thanks for your help in advance :)
  2. mmidgett

    mmidgett Member

    What I would do is get this little nifty script from sourceforge for you mysql data


    If you have a gui on your vps then fwbackups works real well.

    I use tar and rsynce and my new favorite storage medium dropbox. Its amazing that you can have 100gb for $10.00 a month.

    This one might have to be changed but it looks promising
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  3. till

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    The ispconfig backup script can be downloaded here:
  4. harrythehamster

    harrythehamster New Member

    Thanks mmidgett and till for your help.

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