Authentication problem Cisco WAP4410N + FreeRadius + OpenLDAP

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by skrollan, Sep 2, 2011.

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    Hello! I'm having trouble to authenticate with my Cisco WAP4410N AP to my radiusserver (Debian6).
    The thing is i'm using LDAP to login to the wireless network, which seems to work because i can do:
    radtest testuser "password" \ localhost 2 testing123
    Where testuser is an LDAP-user.
    Where i get an "Access-Accept" answer.
    But when i then try to login to the wireless network, radius refuses to accept the Cisco AP. Which in follow blocks every attempt to login.
    Current errormessage is printed by freeradius -X

    ++[eap] returns ok 
    Found Auth-Type = EAP 
    # Executing group from file /etc/freeradius/sites-enabled/default 
    +- entering group authenticate {...} 
    [eap] Request found, released from the list 
    [eap] EAP/peap 
    [eap] processing type peap 
    [peap] processing EAP-TLS 
    [peap] eaptls_verify returned 7 
    [peap] Done initial handshake 
    [peap] eaptls_process returned 7 
    [peap] EAPTLS_OK 
    [peap] Session established. Decoding tunneled attributes. 
    [peap] Peap state send tlv failure 
    [peap] Received EAP-TLV response. 
    [peap] The users session was previously rejected: returning reject (again.) 
    [peap] *** This means you need to read the PREVIOUS messages in the debug output 
    [peap] *** to find out the reason why the user was rejected. 
    [peap] *** Look for "reject" or "fail". Those earlier messages will tell you. 
    [peap] *** what went wrong, and how to fix the problem. 
    [eap] Handler failed in EAP/peap 
    [eap] Failed in EAP select 
    ++[eap] returns invalid 
    Failed to authenticate the user. 
    Using Post-Auth-Type Reject 
    # Executing group from file /etc/freeradius/sites-enabled/default 
    +- entering group REJECT {...} 
    [attr_filter.access_reject] expand: %{User-Name} -> host/robert-laptop 
    attr_filter: Matched entry DEFAULT at line 11 
    ++[attr_filter.access_reject] returns updated 
    Delaying reject of request 59 for 1 seconds 
    Going to the next request 
    Waking up in 0.9 seconds. 
    Sending delayed reject for request 59 
    Sending Access-Reject of id 55 to port 2070 
    EAP-Message = 0x04080004 
    Message-Authenticator = 0x00000000000000000000000000000000 
    Waking up in 3.9 seconds. 
    Cleaning up request 51 ID 47 with timestamp +2345 
    I have added an entry for the AP in clients.conf which looks like following:

    client { 
    secret = testing123 
    shortname = wireless_ap 
    nastype = cisco 
    Does anyone on have a clue on where I did go wrong with this, and what I can do to fix this.

    Thanks in advance

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