ata1: softreset failed (device not ready)

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by altaibskt, Jan 6, 2009.

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    hi there!!

    I just started using Fedora 10 as my main OS and I love it! Just one thing, before Fedora boots, the message of "ata1: Softreset failed (Device not ready)" and then Fedora 10 boots, just want to know how to make this message disappear or fix it.

    my laptop specs:

    Processor- -- Intel Cel DC -- Intel T2390 DC
    Memory- -- 2 GB (2x1) -- 2 GB (2x1024MB)
    Memory Type- -- DDR2 667 MHz -- DDR2
    Harddisk- -- 120 GB -- 160 GB 5400rpm
    Graphics card- -- Intel GMA X3100 -- ATI X1100
    *Grafmin eget-Ink del- -- 0/358 -- 0/128
    Graphics Out- -- VGA -- VGA
    Screen- -- 15,4" -- 15,4" WXGA
    Soundcard- -- HD Audio -- HD Audio
    Optical Drive- -- DVD+-RW DL -- DVD+-RW DL
    PC-card-express-Mini- -- No -- PCI expr mini
    Wlan-Network-Bluetooth- -- 11g/10-1000/No -- 11g/10/100/No
    USB-Firewire-Modem- -- 3/No/No -- 4/No/yes
    Os - --

    Any help?:confused:
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    That message occurs on several systems I use with AMD cpus. All drives that are connected to the onboard sata ports of the motherboard show messages like that at boot. Doesnt matter what brand of hard drive or DVD/CD drive.

    It doesn't affect booting or running the OS, or mean there is a problem with the drives. They work perfectly.

    It's just 'noise' at boot - useless information. I'm guessing the OS doesn't know how to softreset drives on amd chipsets, or that the operation is not allowed by the drives.
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    i know this is an old thread but in case anyone looks this way...

    it is not "just noise" for me.... I recently needed to reset a root password and tried to boot into single user mode to be able to do so... and the soft reset clears out my "single" option on the kernel line and I now can not get on the box as root, nor can I boot single user to help the situation out.

    looks like it will need to be a dvd rescue situation :(

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