At least for some, paypal bites

Discussion in 'Smalltalk' started by jeffcobb, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. jeffcobb

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    This morning I tried for an hour to financially support this site for the largest term possible, but after trying three credit cards (the *every* other vendor accepts and validates w/o problem, not the least of which is Amazon) and getting ridiculous errors on each card (different ones each time) I just plain gave up.

    This is not a msg for anyone to fix Paypal; don't even know if that is possible. Having had problems with Paypal in the past, I would expect I am not alone. Thus, this is a suggestion that alternative methods of support could be sought. Unfortunately I don't have any suggestions as to what will work best for howtoforge because web commerce isn't my bag but maybe the folks in charge will at least keep the thought in mind that Paypal is not some kind of transactional utopia of computing excellence...:cool:
  2. ego

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    I haven't had that problem jeff, but I usually don't subscribe to forums. This forum has helped me so much that I find the information in here invaluable and decided that if this site ever had to shutdown due to finaces I would be lost. There are many *nix sites out there, but I have found this one to be the most resourceful and the most important, friendly. There is nobody here snubbing people for asking newbie questions and falko and till do a great job and helping those that need it (not counting their great how-to's, along with others).

    Hopefully the admins can find a way to help peeps like you to support the site. I am sure they will in the near future.
  3. edge

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    I've done several donations allready.

    The way I've done it, was by contacting Till.
    He send me a "PayPal" request, but he also told me that a bank transfer was possible.

    Maybe ask him for the other donate option if you are still interested.
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  4. jeffcobb

    jeffcobb New Member

    I agree

    The site itself is great. I want to support it. I needed to support it. And could not through any means available. I just wish there was something a little more reliable than Paypal. Thats the other issue with Paypal too is that once you make a purchase you are on the hook to get spam from them because they force you to make an account at point of sale. I am still getting crud in the mail from them from the one or two purchases I made through them years ago. I mean, I am approved by several banks. have credit cards in good standing, etc, WTH should I be given grief from some shady outfit like Paypal?

    So if the powers that be can think of any other form of compensation I would be delighted to support howtoforge. Its a good thing, I agree 100%.

    Actually there is another way; I need to contribute a howto; if approved I understand it will serve as if I can only slide time into my 80-hr week...
  5. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    That's right. If you submit a tutorial that we publish on the front page, you'll get a one-year free subscription. :)

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