ASSP v2.3.3 Flow Setup

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    Can you do a step-by-step tut on ASSP v2.3.3 on CentOS 6.4 and Ubuntu LTS 12.04.2 using the flows below:
    as well as what to change in the web interface to make the config work:

    pc1-Firewall (iptables)
    pc2-ASSP+SMTP_Relayer (ASSP v2.3.3)
    pc3-Exchange (Exchange 2013)

    1) simple flow:
    (IN) Internet-->25/465/587_ASSP-->25_Exchange
    (OUT) User-->225_ASSP-->25_Exchange-->Internet
    Exchange send email via DNS.

    2) best flow:
    (IN) Internet-->25/465/587_ASSP-125_SMTP_Relay-->25_Exchange
    (OUT) User-->25/465/587_Exchange-->225_ASSP-125_SMTP_Relay-->Internet
    Exchange send email via SSL/TLS

    1. make sure not an open-relay/spoof attack
    2. firewall only allow port 25 out from:
    flow1:, flow2:
    3. In flow2 Relay to internet only if email comming from port 225 on ASSP
    4. Secure communication between:
    a) ASSP and SMTP_Relay
    b) SMTP_Relay and Exchange
    c) Exchange and ASSP
    d) Users and Exchange/ASSP

    5. is there a way in linux to only allow a program (say postfix) to access a port (say port 25), maybe using iptables?

    Thank you.

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