ASSP as a Proxy Gateway?

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by markerman, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. markerman

    markerman New Member

    Hello :)

    How about a HowTo for ASSP as a Proxy Gateway to Exchange or other MTA?
    Simple setup..

    Inbound SMTP - Internet |Firewall:25 ===> ASSP :25===> Exchange

    Outbound SMTP Exchange :25 ===> ASSP :25 ===> Firewall|Internet

    Please include other required software such as postfix, recommended numbers of nics & network setup.


  2. fbifido

    fbifido New Member

    Have you found any yet?
  3. markerman

    markerman New Member

    Yes, but been a long time

    Yes, I managed to get it setup and running but it was a long time ago and I have since switched to another free platform that works much better for me.
  4. fbifido

    fbifido New Member

    can you please tell :)
  5. markerman

    markerman New Member

    Sorry, I don't remember, I did it trial and error, finally got it working, but It was not stable, would stop accepting connections, and constantly required rebooting. So I changed platforms to ClearOS. Checkout ClearOS instead. It's free, has alot of other modules available, is easy to setup and configure. Also I have a step by step walk through on my website in the Technical Articles Section to customize it so you don't have to have an alias created on the ClearOS box for every internal email recipient including Email Enabled Distribution Groups.

    ClearOS website

    My website

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