ASP on linux - alternatives?

Discussion in 'Programming/Scripts' started by flameproof, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. flameproof

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    I just moved a domain from a NT server to CentOS 5.2. That domain has one MS Access *.mdb database and users can search through it with an ASP script online.

    Of course that will not work on Linux. What is the easiest option for me?

    Make ASP work?
    Find a way to have PHP read from the *.mdb?
    Go from then *.mdb to another format and use ...... php?
  2. MisterVlad

    MisterVlad New Member

    I am not sure how this works, how it installs, nor do I know anyone who's used it... but there is this one alternative:

    it is supposed to run as well under linux.

    the Redhat version should work on CentOS.

    As always, i would try it on a non-production server first, and then make it live :)

  3. marpada

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  4. MisterVlad

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    yes, this is true... and from what I can remember, ASP is just as you said, a small module/program that is like PHP and you can run older ASP apps in linux...

    I think it is just a pain in the ass... ASP is a Windows crap app.. and ASP.NET is even worse... 6 courses in a 3 year term in VB, and ASP.NET... and i dont use it, nor do I want to look at it ever again!

    PHP is my language of choice... and 6 years later, I am still learning more about it.

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