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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by xps, Apr 4, 2009.

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    i have a couple of questions and would be glad if someone has some answers :)

    I like to go an virtualize some server as well as i like to provide vms as a hosting product - those must not run on the same systems tho i would appreciate that.

    The physical machines are running debian and im looking for the best way to migrate them into vms. We have some licenced XenServers but eventually this is not the best destination for this task. I looked into your howtos about KVM and openVZ and the tools (proxmox and enomaly) you wrote about.

    If i understood it right than OpenVZ would be the best practice for my Physical Debian machines (non customers machines) - and one would pick Openvz over kvm for that task - right?

    Second would be that neither proxmos nor enomaly offer any kind of customer control panel (neither does xenserver) - correct?
    This lead me to HyperVM which seems to be the choice for OpenVZ and Xen Hosts if you like to sell vms to customers.

    What i didnt get is if there is some kind of superadmin possibiltiy which runs appart from all my hosts but is able to manage all kind of vms like xen, kvm and openvz.

    sorry - that posting may be as confusing as my information gathering was :) I would be very thankful if someone could provide some sort of 'turning me into the right direction' - that may help in my decision to find the right product to use.

    Right now i would tend to use proxmox - openVZ for 'our' physical to VM project and hypervm for the customer part. That still leaves the feeling of doing the job twice :(

    Thanks for your help!
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    Thanks falko,

    i saw the other thread before - but didnt see any of those switches in eq. Proxmox - i guess i need to dig a bit more in openvz :)

    I knew about the XenServer cause we hold some licences - but converting a physical machine into a xen guest was a pain so far cause the XEN CD that should help here doesnt boot from a single older server. Thats why i though maybee to go openvz.

    Thanks for the help anyways.

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