Aptitude apache mdm-itk problem

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    Hi all,

    One day I decided to install apache by using
    aptitude install apache2

    Ok fine. But after installing some stuff to enable webdav I totaly screwed up apaches config. So I decided to startover.

    I do
    aptitude purge apache2

    What I find out is that all files are still there. services are still running etc..

    So then I do it totaly wrong i suppose.
    I rm -f everything in /etc/apache2

    great I think. Lets do aptitude install apache again.
    Seems to work fine but there is no /etc/apache2 anymore..
    Hmmm. Looked it up and it seemed that this is created by apache-common but that one is still installed. (in fact I removed it manualy but aptitude thinks it is still installed.)
    Ok first remove apache again
    aptitude purge apache2
    then common
    aptitude purge apache2.2-common.
    A lot will go wrong now.
    Especialy with something called apache2-mdm-itk

    when I do aptitude search apache
    I still have the folowing lines that I probably need to get removed:

    id apache2-mpm-itk
    ipA apache2.2-common

    I tried to aptitude purge them both but it fails. reinstall fails
    aptitude -f remove fails
    How can I fix this so I can do
    aptitude install apache2 again like when I had a fresh install?

    thanks in advance.

    kind regards.

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