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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by thavaht, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. thavaht

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    Hi All!
    I’m getting error messages when running apt-get update on Debian debian-40r1 as follow:

    ntsetso:~# cat /etc/apt/sources.list
    deb http://ftp2.de.debian.org/debian/ etch main
    deb-src http://ftp2.de.debian.org/debian/ etch main
    deb http://security.debian.org/ etch/updates main contrib
    deb-src http://security.debian.org/ etch/updates main contrib.
    ntsetso:~# apt-get update
    Get:1 http://ftp2.de.debian.org etch Release.gpg [378B]
    Hit http://ftp2.de.debian.org etch Release
    Get:2 http://security.debian.org etch/updates Release.gpg [189B]
    Hit http://security.debian.org etch/updates Release
    Err http://ftp2.de.debian.org etch/main Packages
      403 Forbidden
    Ign http://security.debian.org etch/updates/main Packages/DiffIndex
    Ign http://ftp2.de.debian.org etch/main Sources/DiffIndex
    Hit http://ftp2.de.debian.org etch/main Sources
    Ign http://security.debian.org etch/updates/contrib Packages/DiffIndex
    Ign http://security.debian.org etch/updates/main Sources/DiffIndex
    Ign http://security.debian.org etch/updates/contrib Sources/DiffIndex
    Hit http://security.debian.org etch/updates/main Packages
    Hit http://security.debian.org etch/updates/contrib Packages
    Hit http://security.debian.org etch/updates/main Sources
    Hit http://security.debian.org etch/updates/contrib Sources
    Fetched 2B in 2s (1B/s)
    Failed to fetch http://ftp2.de.debian.org/debian/dists/etch/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  403 Forbidden
    Reading package lists... Done
    W: Couldn't stat source package list http://ftp2.de.debian.org etch/main Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/ftp2.de.debian.org_debian_dists_etch_main_binary-i386_Packages) - stat (2 No such file or directory)
    W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems
    E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.
    Please help!
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Maybe a temporary problem. Try again; if it doesn't work, you can try to use another mirror.

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