apt-get install dcc-client error

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  1. markerman

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    Howto: Postfix Spam Filter using Ubuntu Dapper, MailScanner, SpamAssassin, Razor, Pyzor, DCC and ClamAV

    [email protected]:/home/markerman# apt-get install dcc-client
    Reading package lists... Done

    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information... Done
    Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have
    requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable
    distribution that some required packages have not yet been created
    or been moved out of Incoming.

    Since you only requested a single operation it is extremely likely that
    the package is simply not installable and a bug report against
    that package should be filed.
    The following information may help to resolve the situation:

    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    dcc-client: Depends: dcc-common (= 1.2.74-2) but 1.3.42-4build1 is to be installed
    E: Broken packages
    [email protected]:/home/markerman#

    how can I fix this?
    I already ran apt-get install dcc-common successfully.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Rocky

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    Would you be interested in giving the SpamSnake a shot? It does the samething and is based on Ubuntu Hardy. It even has a few addons that makes it more complete. Check it out and if you have any problems, I can help you out.

  3. markerman

    markerman New Member


    Open source?
  4. Rocky

    Rocky Member

    Yes, but I do take donation for setup/support over ssh for those who cannot get their system up.

  5. markerman

    markerman New Member


    Cool, I found the HowToForge "The Perfect SpamSnake - Ubuntu 8.04 LTS". I'll give it a try and let you know how it goes. If it works and we can keep the howto page updated that would def. deserve a donation. Thanks.


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