APT / Aptitude error on new Lenny 64-bit install

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by denbert, May 25, 2009.

  1. denbert

    denbert New Member

    Hi there,

    I installed a Fresh Debian Lenny 64-bit server with vmware 2.0 yesterday.

    Now I receive this after aptitude update:

    frodo:~# aptitude update
    Hit http://ftp.dk.debian.org lenny Release.gpg
    Ign http://ftp.dk.debian.org lenny/main Translation-en_DK
    Hit http://ftp.dk.debian.org lenny Release
    Ign http://ftp.dk.debian.org lenny/main Packages/DiffIndex
    Hit http://volatile.debian.org lenny/volatile Release.gpg
    Ign http://volatile.debian.org lenny/volatile/main Translation-en_DK
    Ign http://ftp.dk.debian.org lenny/main Sources/DiffIndex
    Hit http://volatile.debian.org lenny/volatile Release
    Hit http://ftp.dk.debian.org lenny/main Packages
    Hit http://ftp.dk.debian.org lenny/main Sources
    Ign http://volatile.debian.org lenny/volatile/main Packages/DiffIndex
    Ign http://volatile.debian.org lenny/volatile/main Sources/DiffIndex
    Hit http://volatile.debian.org lenny/volatile/main Packages
    Hit http://volatile.debian.org lenny/volatile/main Sources
    Hit http://security.debian.org lenny/updates Release.gpg
    Ign http://security.debian.org lenny/updates/main Translation-en_DK
    Hit http://security.debian.org lenny/updates Release
    Ign http://security.debian.org lenny/updates/main Packages/DiffIndex
    Ign http://security.debian.org lenny/updates/main Sources/DiffIndex
    Hit http://security.debian.org lenny/updates/main Packages
    Hit http://security.debian.org lenny/updates/main Sources
    Reading package lists... Done

    What does all the Ign http..... lines means?

    I haven't noticed them before!
  2. denbert

    denbert New Member

    My source.list:

    # deb cdrom:[Debian GNU/Linux 5.0.0 _Lenny_ - Official amd64 NETINST Binary-1 20090214-15:57]/ lenny main

    #deb cdrom:[Debian GNU/Linux 5.0.0 _Lenny_ - Official amd64 NETINST Binary-1 20090214-15:57]/ lenny main

    deb http://ftp.dk.debian.org/debian/ lenny main
    deb-src http://ftp.dk.debian.org/debian/ lenny main

    deb http://security.debian.org/ lenny/updates main
    deb-src http://security.debian.org/ lenny/updates main

    deb http://volatile.debian.org/debian-volatile lenny/volatile main
    deb-src http://volatile.debian.org/debian-volatile lenny/volatile main

    I have 3 clean installed Lenny 64-bit machines with same error!

    Anyone please?
  3. falko

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