APS applications; many problems

Discussion in 'General' started by stevew, Mar 1, 2013.

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    I've been testing the new APS feature but, sadly, I'm finding that many of them don't work. I'm compiling a list, but eg anyinventory, openbiblio, xrms, brim, myorgbook. Seems about 50/50 so far.

    They seem to be MySQL incompatibiity; the install will fail because the SQL uses "TYPE=MyISAM" instead of "ENGINE=MyISAM", this was a change in MySQL 5.5. Its kind of sad that backward compatibility was lost.

    I tried editing the SQL to change TYPE to ENGINE but in many cases there are other SQL errors.

    When I check the versions of the software in the APS packages I do often find that they are quite out of date (old versions).

    Is there any way to flag the packages for version dependencies?

    (I'm running Ubuntu Server 12.04)

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