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  1. abdi

    abdi New Member

    Hello Till,

    After a through investigation I have noticed the following situation with the API.

    The API function (say)

    $domain_record = sites_web_domain_get($session_id, $domain_id)
    Returns the entire record inclusive of the stats_password crypt-ed value.

    That might not be a problem, however it's:

    When updating any of the above returned record with say:
    $domain_record['active'] = 'n';
    sites_web_domain_update($session_id, $client_id, $domain_id, $domain_record)
    The finely updated record will hold a crypt-ed, crypt-ed stats_password Thus killing or resetting the stats_password set originally to some Un-Known crypt-ed characters ...

    Do you see a problem there?

  2. abdi

    abdi New Member

    Solution to the problem

    My suggested solution to that problem is as follows:

    In the API lib file "/usr/local/ispconfig/interface/lib/classes/remoting.inc.php"

    I have introduced a new variable called update_stats_password which a user should set to 1 if they wish to update a stats_password. Otherwise by default its removed from the array to avoid messing up the preset stats_password .

    Below is my updated function suggesting to be added to the next update if its OK.

    //* Update a record
    	public function sites_web_domain_update($session_id, $client_id, $primary_id, $params)
    		if(!$this->checkPerm($session_id, 'sites_web_domain_update')) {
    			$this->server->fault('permission_denied', 'You do not have the permissions to access this function.');
    			return false;
    		//* Set a few defaults for nginx servers
    		if($params['pm_max_children'] == '') $params['pm_max_children'] = 1;
    		if($params['pm_start_servers'] == '') $params['pm_start_servers'] = 1;
    		if($params['pm_min_spare_servers'] == '') $params['pm_min_spare_servers'] = 1;
    		if($params['pm_max_spare_servers'] == '') $params['pm_max_spare_servers'] = 1;
    		//* Added by Abdi Joseph
    		if($params['update_stats_password'] != '1') unset($params['stats_password']);
    		$affected_rows = $this->updateQuery('../sites/form/web_domain.tform.php',$client_id,$primary_id,$params);
    		return $affected_rows;
    Any suggestions or comments are welcome ...

    Abdi Joseph
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  3. till

    till Super Moderator

    The api function works fine, you just used it the wrong way. Like with all API functions you have to pass a empty password parameter when the password shall not be change don update. So the correct API usage wozld be:

    $domain_record['active'] = 'n';
    $domain_record['stats_password'] = '';
    sites_web_domain_update($session_id, $client_id, $domain_id, $domain_record)

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