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    Hello everyone,

    i'm building for my company a more user-friendly control panel, based on ISPConfig 3. I bought the manual but, unfortunately, there is no documentation about the remote APIs on it.
    I've used the function client_get_sites_by_user() and I thinked... it's ok. Now let's list the remaining stuff (ftp users, email domains ...) ... stuck !
    I don't understand if there is a way to list the FTP users starting by the client ID that i don't comprehend, but i cannot find a function like client_get_ftp_users_by_user() or something similar about the email domains, the subdomains and so on.
    The only solution i've thinked about is to select them manually from the database and then use sites_ftp_user_edit() and others to edit them.

    May I have more informations about this?
  2. till

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    The api documentation is in the ispconfig tar.gz.

    You can select records by all kind of condituons with the *_get functions by passing an array as ID parameter. Example:

  3. SnakeX91

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    Thanks Till. This fixed!

    Unfortunately I have another problem, but i'll post it in the correct Forum...

    Thanks again!

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