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    Alright, thanks for the howto. Did work like a charm. Afterwards I installed a Test-Joomla and run
    ab -kc 2 -t 30 http://localhost/joomla/
    The result was somewhat sobering and I'm not really sure whether it's a environment issue (virtualbox, 1GB RAM and 2GHZ assigned), but I get very low figures:

    I learned that the failed requests (Length) are 'normal' due the dynamic generation of content and different size of the results, but just 6.94 requests per second? Without APC it's only 3 something, so APC does have an effect .

    Is something wrong?
  2. Thunderbirdsei

    Thunderbirdsei New Member

    Ok, I installed Drupal and did the same test again, first without APC and then with APC:

    As you can see, there is a huge difference whether APC is enabled or not and it's tremendous faster than Joomla 1.5.

    Can somebody confirm my results?
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