Apache2 using preform MPM, is worker possible?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by karon, Mar 10, 2011.

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    Apache2 using prefork MPM, is worker possible?

    We are running several ISPConfig 3 servers over OpenVZ for our clients. We create the servers based on the "Perfect Server for Ubuntu 10.04" howto.

    We noticed that ISPConfig based mod_php servers use a HUGE amount of memory. When checking, we found it's prefork MPM that's being used:

    [email protected]:~# apache2 -l
    Compiled in modules:
    Is it possible to use the much more memory-efficient worker MPM with ISPConfig and mod_php and/or fcgi?
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    ISPConfig should work with mpm-worker as well as mpm-prefork. mpm-prefork is used as it is recommended when you want to run mod_php. If you use php-fcgi on all of your sites, you should be able to use mpm-worker as well.

    I guess when you run apt to install mpm-worker module, it will remove the mod_php module automatically. So you should check first that no site uses mod_php first.

    Please see here for a in depth explanation:


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