Apache2 problem after installing e-box "running a file and print server"

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    Hi All,

    As a general comment, thanks for a great site, with especial thanks to Falko and all of the writers of the HowTo's.

    But currently I have a problem with a system, my file server.

    I had a working server, used as a small home-based business archival file and print server. The external PCs are a mixture of various Windows systems and Linux systems, wired and wireless. The setup was such that each user had a home directory that only they and the administrator could access and a shared directory for all, enabled for transfering files and sharing standard files. The system used (X)ubuntu 7.10 installed with the howto "Installing a perfect server on Ubuntu" help but it decided to give disk problems. This system had been working under various version of (X)ubuntu with some modifications . I do not install the DNS /Bind section and I used my hardware router to supply the network addresses. These are fixed for the servers on the system by using the MAC addresses. Along with using the hosts file on PCs.

    When the system started to fail, I decide to install the newest version of the Ubuntu server (8.04 LTS) on another system. All went well with the install using the Howto with my mods, and my intranet site was working. I was ready to set-up the appropriate users when I noted the howto about e-box and it looked as if that would help with the setup and support. .

    All seemed to install well but now the users cannot see the intranet site. I noted a message about port 443 being used. It might be a stupid question but do I have to setup e-box at another port, for ebox to use. I believe , only from memory, Apache2 also uses port 443.

    Sorry about the long message with no outputs but now I am having problems with access from the server to the internet after I loaded the latest updates which required a restart.
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    [Solved] Apache2 problem after installing e-box "running a file and print server"

    Hi All,

    Just a short update, After changing the port to 444 for ebox and then rebooting the system, the users were able to see the Intranet site.

    I think that it should be noted, in the howto , that defaults values are not good if one is running Apache2 as web server.

    Now to the lack of internet access.

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