Apache2 Flood/DDOS Protection?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by badgerbox76, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. badgerbox76

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    I'm having big problems with flooding/DDOS attacks against Apache. It's a big hassle and a big problem. I don't want to watch the logs all day and pick out nasty IP addresses for iptables to block. So what kind of protection can I get? Thanks
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  2. topdog

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    You can you mod_evasive as well as mod_security
  3. RogueCoder

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    Although I have no experience with DDoS attacks, could you not write a script which runs through your logs and adds any that make x number of requests in n minutes, then run it as a cron job?

    I never understood why somebody doesn't make a program to block anybody who requests more than say 100 resources in 1 minute, for say 5 minutes. Then run as a cron job every 5 minutes. This seems like it would mitigate a lot of damage caused by DDoS attacks.
  4. mmoore

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    There already are such programs such as this :). The company in the link has a very advanced Linux-based DDoS protection solution.
  5. longvnit

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