Apache VirtualHosts with mySQL

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by barney.parker, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. barney.parker

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    I remember seeing a tutorial on howtoforge some time back about setting up apache to allow multiple web sites through the virtualhosts entries in it's conf files. The tutorial extended this by using data in a MySQL database nstead of the static conf file, so changes didn't require an apache restart.

    After searching around all morning i can't seem to find it anywhere!!!

    Does anyone have a link to this tutorial or something similar? I'm not bothered about email however if it's included in the tutorial thats OK.

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give pointing me in the right direction!!!

  2. zcworld

    zcworld New Member

    as far as i know that cant be done ...
    but thats only to what i know

    maybe it could / can be done ... it will be diff to see apache vhost conf done via mysql backend but
    you would still need to restart / rehash apache to get it to load the new sites / any changes that are made to the database conf file

    so i done really see a point to trying to run apache vhost conf from mysql
    .. just my pov on the topic sorry to be a tad down on it

    as long as you tell apache to restart it shouldn't take any sites offline / any downloading file to stop downloading from your sites
  3. barney.parker

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    OK, maybe i have got something confused.

    How would somehting such as ISPConfig handle a new domain being added? Would it Apache seriously expect a restart just to add a new site?

    Essentially what i want to do is have a database back end which defines the domains pointing to this server, a list of users (associated to domains) with all their priviliges etc, and automatically have Apache, ProFTP, MySQL and probably a mail system automatically use this information to manage access.
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  4. zcworld

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    i know the ISPconfig pack
    runs two ver of apache
    one is running the admin control panel
    and one is running the normal www / sites

    when you add new host / domain
    as far as i know its restart apache on the fly

    but you have to want and get a good answer from one of the ISPconfig dev
  5. barney.parker

    barney.parker New Member

    OK, so potentially the only way would be to have a script that generates new conf files on every change....

    seems like a shame really to have to activate a script to update things that are already updated elsewhere....

    Am i right in thinking however that Postfix et al can use a MySQL Backend for mail delivery and management on multiple domains?

    Also, from some of the how-to's on this site it seems ProFTP will do the same?

    It seems a real shame you can't make all three work together in a simplified manner from a single database....

    or have i missed something completely? (it wouldn't be the first time!!!)
  6. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    I don't think we have such a tutorial (at least I don't remember). There once was a project that tried to create an Apache module that allowed to store vhosts in a MySQL database, but I think it's dead now. :(
  7. Leszek

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    As far as I remember there was a module like that for Apache 1.x but not for 2.x
    I was looking for it to but gave up after some time.
    There is a howto here about Lighttpd using MySQL.
    Maybe at least that would be useful for You.

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