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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by ACDII, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. ACDII

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    Hi, I am putting together a front end for managing DNS records via a web interface and the only thing left is getting it to read and write the actual files in the chroot/var/named directory. I am a little green on permissions so I need a bit of help on this, thanks.
  2. falko

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    I guess the web interface is running with the permissions of the Apache user? Then the Apache user needs write permissions for the chroot/var/named directory.
  3. juliandsouza

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    The permissions on the /var/named directory from the bind package with
    Fedora Core 1 & 2 installed with root.named ownership and 750
    permissions. This disallows the named daemon (running as the named
    user) to write files to this location.

    This breaks things like running a slave server: When a zone transfer
    ocours, named will try to write the updated/new zone file in
    /var/named and can't the result is "access denied" written to syslog,
    which may make some folks think that the zone tranfer is disallowed,
    instead of it being a local permissions issue (although the phrasing
    of the error message is not a problem with the RPM!).

    This breaks other things too, like where rndc stats and rndc dump_db
    are not able to write the corresponding log files to the /var/named
    directory where they belong.

    I would suggest installing this directory mode 770 instead of the
    current 750 to resolve this issue. If there is a compelling reason not
    to do this, I'd love to be educated.

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