Apache service not starts automatically and 503 error

Discussion in 'General' started by Sheshman, Mar 8, 2022.

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    Yesterday my ups malfunctioned and cut the power off suddenly, when i started the server again i realised that i'm unable to access to ispconfig admin panel, there was no error while starting the server every line was green OK, when i check the service status with "service apache2 status" it says "start operation timeout. Terminating" so i started the service manually with "sudo service apache2 start" after this command it started to work and i was able to reach admin panel, but all websites returning 503 error even with /webmail & /phpmyadmin.

    Checked ispconfig.log under /var/log/ispconfig/ispconfig.log but it's empty,where else should i check to find out what is the problem?

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    Check apache error.log and the error.log of the websites. Might be that other services where not started as well, especially php-fpm.

    Just as a note, services do not get started by ISPConfig, they get started by The Linux init or Systemd services. ISPConfig is not involved in that process.
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