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    I have ISP Config multi server running on Debian 6 Squeeze.
    I had exacly same instalation as described in how to. But then I wanted to split web.example.tld to admin.example.tld

    (ex web.example.tld) and web1.example.tld (newly insalled). I managed to get it work.
    But now, if I wanna restart apache with /etc/init.d/apache restart, i get error problem with mysqldatabase.

    in error log:
    I have fixed this by pointing web.example.tld to web1.example.tld (or should I point it to admin.example.tld?)
    What config should I change to get rid of this problem? Thank for reply.

    now i have problems with this

    logs are from web1.example.tld
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    Seems as if you have a syntax error in the file /etc/vlogger-dbi.conf. Make sure that you use the same username and password for the ispconfig master database in that file that are used inside the /usr/local/ispconfig/server/lib/config.inc.php file for the master database.
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    in /etc/vlogger-dbi.conf was host set to old web.example.tld so i changed it to admin.example.tld. Its still writiing entries to error log:

    After some time, i cannt load any of my websites, or theyr loading very very slow. (timeout / connection terminated...)
    After apache restart, everythink is fine and fast.
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  4. (O)fer_cz

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    this is what gives error
    problem is somewhere with this vlogger config, cause its still writing same to error log, which is growing (now its 30mb...)

    theese lines were f*cked up, i dont know why, it should look like this without line 148 and 149

    few other lines below and above were same

    thanks for help with config change.
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