Apache or nginx for basic VPS?

Discussion in 'General' started by snoz, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. snoz

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    Hello, this is my first post!

    First of all, thanks for this powerfull panel! :D

    Currently I have one VPS in OVH, with 4 vcores at 1,5GHz and 1GB of RAM with Debian 6.0 and ISPConfig 3 (Apache) (the image provided by OVH, with clamav disabled because the server don't have much RAM).

    I'm starting a very little web developing company with a friend and currently we have 3 clients, so we have no problem with performance, the server works like a charm.

    But after reading a lot about nginx performance and the small footprint (I only have 1GB of RAM) I'm thinking about switching to nginx.

    Is a good idea for my case? What about PHP performance with nginx? In some benchmarks shows worst results than Apache + mod_php.

    What you recommend to someone just starting in this world? :)

    Thanks and sorry for my bad english :(
  2. falko

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    For a newbie it's always best to go with the standard which in this case is Apache. Most web applications come with an Apache configuration, not with an nginx configuration, and nginx configuration can be troublesome for a beginner.

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