Apache fails to start after applying SSL cert to site

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by razor7, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. razor7

    razor7 New Member

    Hi, I followed the securing ISPConfig with StartSSL free cert, and everything went just OK as usual with the great tutos here!

    As I'm hosting the same domain as the server, I should be able to apply the same certificate to the domain created by ISPConfog through SSL tab in site edit.

    The problem is I needed to create a subdomain, and as suggested, just created a new site pointing to it, so I have two sites, site.com and the subdomain (another ispconfig site) it.site.com

    If I apply the SSL certificate (created for site.com and subdomain it.site.com through StartSSL) to it.site.com, Apache refuses to start with suspicious error log:
    Is my new Cert applyed to this subdomain causing this?

    Thanks a lot!

    PS: Of course, if I erase sites enables it.domain.com.vhost apache starts ok, and if I regenerate the certs through ISPConfig interface the site works ok, but, of course, with SSL warnings.
  2. pititis

    pititis Member

    Yes it's.

    From the starssl policy for Class1 certs:

    "Wild card domain names like “*.domain.com” are only issued to Class 2
    or higher validated subscribers. Likewise multiple domain names within
    the same certificate are not supported in the Class 1 settings."

  3. razor7

    razor7 New Member

    Well, my mistake!

    Just edited the it.domain.com.key file, with the one created at ISPConfig install step and everything worked just ok!

    Sorry to bother!

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