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    Hi first off al i will thank you for the good tutorials !!!
    i have folow the The Perfect Server - Ubuntu Hardy Heron (Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server tutorial
    and it works fine now for 1 year but somtime i delete log's i dont need any more in the var/log
    now i think that i have delete someting wrong because after a reboot the apache dont start en give me httpd (no pid file ) not running and in the log i find unable to start piped log program '/root/ispconfig/cronolog --symlink=/var/log/httpd/ispconfig_access_log /var/log/httpd/ispconfig_access_log_%Y_%m_%d': No such file or directory
    i tink i have delete somting wrong is there a way to fix that ? or do i have to reinstall everey ting / i have search on goole but i dont find a solotion
    i have always fixt my own problems but this time i dont now what to do
    hope i am in the write topic

    thx !!
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  2. Ben

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    Do you have backups? Then you could restore the logs.

    Did you only delete the log files or all the directories in the /var/log/ or what exactly did you delete?
    Next time, don't delete, look on how to to a logroate!

    Regarding the erorrsmessage, I'd assume that it either did not find the conrolog binary in the given path or is not able to create the symlink to the appropriate file due to missing /var/log/httpd/ispconfig_access_log. So what you could try is to recreate the path in case some dir is missing and the create and empty ispconfig_access_log file, e.g
    touch /var/log/httpd/ispconfig_access_log

    Then try to restart ispconfig service (a reboot should not be necessary).

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