Apache defaulting to first virtualhost conf file in folder

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by sfunk1x, Nov 23, 2009.

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    Apache defaulting to last created virtualhost conf file in folder

    Hey all -

    I've got a CentOS 5.2 server running Apache 2 and a menagerie of other packages. I'll try to make this quick:

    - Server running Apache configured to load a variety of virtualhost configuration file in a /etc/httpd/conf/vhost folder. It loads all the virtual host files just fine and all the websites appear (subdomains and otherwise).

    Main issue:

    If a user browses something like 'nodomainexists.domainname.com' into a browser url bar, you're taken to the site whose vhost file was created last. I would much rather have users who attempt to use invalid subdomains to be forwarded to a specific virtualhost file (that runs the main website/frontend). How would I go about making sure that all non-existant subdomains get routed to a specific virtualhost?

    For example:

    last.domain.com exists (vhost file was created last)
    not.domain.com doesn't exist (no vhost file, etc)
    www.domain.com does exist (has vhost file, valid site)

    When a user goes to not.domain.com, they'll get last.domain.com instead of being sent to www.domain.com.

    How would I go about making the www.domain.com a catch all for bad and/or misspelled subdomains?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Make sure that the ServerName/ServerAlias directives in your vhosts just list the domains/hostnames that the vhosts should listen to, and then create a default vhost in your Apache configuration before all other vhosts.

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