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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by stefanm, Aug 7, 2011.

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    I am facing two annoying problems with a fresh ISPConfig 3 installation, perhaps anyone got some hints for me?

    I installed two machines from ground with Debian 6.0.2 64bit and set up a mirrored solution as it is described in http://www.howtoforge.com/installin...tabase-cluster-on-debian-5.0-with-ispconfig-3

    The only differences are that I installed roundcubemail instead of squirrelmail and excluded mysql from the glusterfs setup an configured replication.

    The two problems:
    1) The bigger problem is that apache2 doesn't get started anymore when rebooting the system. A apache2ctl -t says Syntax ok, there are no error messages in the logs, it almost seems that the system doesn't even try to start it. However all startup scripts in rcX.d seem to be there, a "insserv apache2" didn't help. The problem appeared after the installation of ispconfig3 and occurs on both the ispconfig3 master and the client! Doing a "apache2ctl start" from shell starts the server without problems. Any ideas or directions?

    2) The second problem concerns GlusterFS. It seems that Squeeze has a problem with the booting sequence, because GlusterFS requires Fuse, but Fuse is loaded after GlusterFS resulting in an error message like this:
    [2011-08-07 22:32:25] E [mount.c:525:fuse_mount_sys] glusterfs-fuse: cannot open /dev/fuse (No such file or directory)
    The problem can be circumvented with a "mount -a" in rc.local, however I'd rather prefer to have the boot sequence corrected. Unfortunately my attempts to reorder the startup sequence didn't work? Has anyone encountered this problem and found a solution?

    Hopeing for your help (as I am starting to get desparate :confused:)
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    1) Please check that glusterfs is started before apache gets started.

    2) You might hevr to change the boot sequence, to start fue first. I have not tested that setup on squeeze yet, so I can not tell you the detailed commands to do that.
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    Hi Till,

    thanks for your hints! That was driving me crazy (and more then once I cursed the Debian team for moving to insserv :rolleyes:)
    After all the mess, the solution was quite simple. The fuse module was indeed responsible for the glusterfs problem and the glusterfs problem stopped the apache from booting.
    Here is what I did to fix the problems, just in case anybody encounters the same problem:

    cd /etc/insserv/overrides/
    cp ../../init.d/fuse .
    nano fuse

    in the LSB header remove the two references to $remote_fs
    #! /bin/sh
    # Provides:          fuse
    # Required-Start:    
    # Required-Stop:     
    # Default-Start:     S
    # Default-Stop:      0 6
    # Short-Description: Filesystem in userspace
    # Description:       This file load all what's needed to make fuse work fine
    insserv -n fuse
    insserv fuse

    Note: This removes the ability for fuse to mount nfs shares during boot (because we removed the remote filesystems dependency from fuse and the network shares are loaded later), but since I use fuse for glusterfs only, that was not a problem. If you need fuse to access nfs shares at boot, you cannot use the above fix!
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