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Discussion in 'General' started by Gimly, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. Gimly

    Gimly Member

    @ id1ot : Thank you, The problem became from my website web1. The ssl key are break. I regenerate it and now it work :).

    I always forgot /web*/log/error.log arf xD.

    Topic resolved :)
  2. orasis

    orasis Member

    how can I regenerate the ispconfig ssl, I have the same problem and apache2 fails. it started by creating wrong certificates for sites and now apache is down :/

    any help ?

    running ubuntu 9.04, ispconfig
  3. orasis

    orasis Member

    I had to disable the ssl module of apache and be able to start it, then login to ispconfig and disable the ssl for the certain site. now I enabled back the ssl and apache restarts normally.

    I re-enabled SSL for the site, I used the "SSL Action" > "Delete Certificate" .. then cleared all the fields and saved again.

    it works without SSL

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