Anyway to fix the courier imap quota integer overflow?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by CarbonCopy, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. CarbonCopy

    CarbonCopy New Member

    I have postfix and courier imap on CentOS 5.3 running with virtual users. Postfix handles quotas fine, but courier shows a -quota if I have a quota greater than 2 gb. is there any way to fix this? Maybe send a quota in mb to courier or something.
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator

    Change the quota column in the database table from INT to BIGINT.
  3. CarbonCopy

    CarbonCopy New Member

    I am a web developer specializing in PHP and MySQL systems and that is the first thing I did. However, like I said, Postfix handles it fine, only courier-imap has issues.
  4. Darla Chantelle

    Darla Chantelle New Member

    I manage to make courier-IMAP works with quota throught the GETQUOTAROOT imap command.I just need to use maildirmake command on each email folder (example maildirmake -q 100000000S /home/vmailer/myDomain/user@myDomain )
    It then create a maildirsize file on each folder, that file is usefull for make GETQUOTAROOT imap command work.But i do not explain why there is only this file system quota support and not mysql support.Authdaemon use mysql to get quotas, so do postfix.
  5. CarbonCopy

    CarbonCopy New Member

    I believe you are incorrect (If I understood you correctly). Courier-imap does support MySQL quota support, as the quota is shown properly if under 2 GB. Also, authtest (Not sure which package that belongs too) always shows the valid quota.

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