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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by esmiz, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. esmiz

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    I'm in the process of swapping an slave (mirror) server for a better one.
    I have everything more or or less clear but one thing.
    Once I have finished all the process and have everything up and running. How do I remove the old one from the multiserver setup?
    Is there any script or anything that I should run? How can I let the master know about the new situation? Will the master complain if I just switch off the old one?.


  2. damir

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    Your new server should be identical with the old one, like ip adress, hostname etc..

    Don't forget to move all the data, config files and ispconfig software as well. Also very important is databases, ispconfig and mysql database. All rights for replication are in mysql database.
  3. esmiz

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    Hi damir

    Thanks for your answer.
    Perhaps I didn't explain myself properly. I'm going to summarize:
    I have a multiserver setup where server B (slave) is a mirror of server A (master).
    I have added server C (slave) which is another mirror of server A.
    Now I want to remove server B which is not needed anymore.

    I don't see the need of server C to be identical of server B ( ip address, hostname etc) I could be wrong...

    I guess it could be done removing server B from the control panel and then deleting mysql users from server B in server A. But I'm not sure if I miss something.
    In anycase I'm going to do it this weekend and write here the results. (fingers crossed)


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