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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by metaldrummer, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. metaldrummer

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    I have one cliente using ispconfig and recive thousands spam mail dairy.
    When yours customers sending mail to they, mail server response:
    Server error: 451.4.3.0 <[email protected]>: Temporary lookup failure.

    How can full protect this server?

    Now perfom postsuper -d ALL, postqueue -p and 0 jobs, but when wait a few minutes news jobs in queue for same email sender. Is a valid mail user of system
    This account received until 90000 spam mails.


    Debian 6

    Any tool for activate a good antispam solution?
    David Lagos S.
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  2. dwalin

    dwalin New Member

    I use blacklist from and others. that works fine. on you should find information how to configure it.
  3. zapp

    zapp New Member

    We have been using the Spamhaus ZEN now for some years, never any big problems with false positives, even though the ZEN is supposed to be pretty strict. Over the years I had to manually whitelist two IPs, but that's all.

    Some other related questions:
    - What are your setting for SPAMassasin for this client?
    - Do you use Greylisting? (Reduced the SPAM a lot for us)

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