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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by 8omas, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. 8omas

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    The integrated implementation of awstats (not the plugin discussed in this forum) does not show Search Keyphrases.

    I use the latest stable ISPConfig 3 and I know that there are keyphrases for this particular site.

    One more thing:
    All the bots from search engines are listed in the hosts section. Normally they would show in Robots/Spiders visitors or in a section for search engines.
  2. 8omas

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    I think that I found the problem.
    The LogFormat must be 1 and not 4 in
    I followed the Perfect Server for Debian Squeeze and installed awstats fvia apt-get. I didn't change anything in awstats.conf until now.

    I think that the:
    must be placed in
    so as further updates, do not change it again
  3. till

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    Thanks for the info. We will add the instructions to the perfect setup guide.
  4. Agent_M

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    full thread at

  5. 8omas

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    What do you mean that you don't get all the info? Do you consider spiders and robots as visits of normal visitors?

    If the log format is 4, then those things (spiders, robots, etc) appear as clients
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