Another Fedora Core 6 Issue

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by dabro51, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. dabro51

    dabro51 New Member

    I'm trying to get ISPConfig on FC6-64 system. The install fails, this version of PHP not compatible with your system. The only error I see is "can't find libcryto", the install fails. Libcryto is installed. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. catalyst

    catalyst New Member

    I installed Fedora 6 (64-bit) and ispconfig without big problem.
    But I can't email quota in the ispconfig control panel. (only webspace quota there).
    You may try to follow "Installing A LAMP System With Fedora Core 6", but you should install openssl other package too. ( yum install openssl*). Without other openssl packages, I can't install ispconfig successfully.
  3. dabro51

    dabro51 New Member

    I used the perfect install

    That's exactly how I installed it. I've checked the yum installs that you proceed through and it now comes up "nothing to do". I believe the packages are installed. I'm losing my hair over this one. BTW, I've installed FC5 before using the perfect install with no problems. I may go back to that route but I hate to start over. Thanks
  4. till

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    To: Catalyst

    That's normal on Maildir system and shows that your server is setup correctly.
  5. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

  6. dabro51

    dabro51 New Member

    I believe I do

    Thanks Till for the reply. I believe openssl-devel is installed. I looked through my notes and it is listed as needed to be installed. However I aborted the FC6 install, I pulled the hard drive out and put in a different one. I decided to re-install FC5, which I had previously installed and was running fine prior to a memory stick failure. Unfortunately ISPConfig ver 2-2.11 would not install, I tried a ver 2-2.6 and it installed mostly without errors, I have an issue with Bind yet I'm trying to solve. I used the perfect install with FC5-64, but the new releases of ISPConfig are pickier. I will revisit the FC6 install some time later after I regrow some hair back. Thanks, Dave

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