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    Another FTP backup solution

    Hello everyone,

    Because of not finding a backup solution that fit my needs i've take some pieces from other scripts added some of my own and rewrite it to this one.

    How it works:
    The script makes a backup of the MySQL database in separate files (each DB has it own file) every 4 hours by using a cronjob, these files are stored in a local directory.

    When finished the DB backup and the ISPconfig (Website) backup are copied to a FTP server, to prevent unneccessary load and bandwidth use the backup of the websites is copied once a day during the night (ISPconfig makes 1 backup at 0:30 so extra copies are not needed)

    For this script the backup option in ISPconfig must be set.

    Do NOT forget to change the < > values to fit your needs

    A little manual is in top of the script.


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    Still work in progress, I did some modifications.

    What has changed?
    The MySQL backup will now keep 7 day en 3 sunday backups, then the oldest will be deleted in the local backup.
    The backup directory structure is changed, it will now create a time directory inside the date directory.
    Added echo's for screen output when running the script in screen.


    • Purge option on remote FTP server - Delete after 7 days, keep sunday for 3 weeks
    • Purge option on remote FTP server - Delete sunday backup after 22 days
    • Create exclusion "if directory exist"
    • Include ISPconfig and all files needed for a reatore in case of a crash
    The script is as/is, it does work but I couldn't test the rotation for the 22 days.


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  3. giganthost

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    good script

    thanks for this great script.

    Please be possible in the script set to be compressed database?
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    The dump is done with mysqldump, you can compress the DB dir by using:

    cd /var/backup
    tar -pczf <your_filename>.tar.gz <your_directory_name>/

    If neccessary you can delete the dir. afterwards, it will be created with the next backup.

  5. Croydon

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    As I mentioned in a different thread, I would suggest adding the --hex-blob and --quote-names command line options to the mysqldump command.

    If you have binary blob columns in your database you might run into trouble restoring it from a dump without hex-blob.
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    Hi everyone,

    For those who are interested, i did a complete rewrite of the and create 2 backupscripts, 1 for an external (your own?) FTP server and 1 for an internal FTP server (hired from or provided by the server hoster)

    Short description:

    Using an internal FTP backupserver.
    This script will copy the websites backup files at 02.00H, the MySQL databases every 4 hours starting at 02.00H and the ISPconfig website and SQL database at 14.00H and 22:00H to an internal FTP server.
    The MySQL backup databases on the local server will be purged every 7 days except the sunday backup, this database will be purged every 4 weeks.

    Using an external FTP backupserver.
    This script will copy the websites at 02.00H, the MySQL databases every 4 hours starting at 02.00H and the ISPconfig website and SQL database at 14.00H and 22:00H to a external FTP server of your choice. Every MySQL backup is overwritten after 24 hours, the websites backup is overwritten after 2 days. The MySQL backup databases on the local server will be purged every 7 days exept the sunday backup, this database will be purged every 4 weeks.

    I've used the article which describes a standalone FTP server with a webinterface to setup my own backup solution.

    The scripts are located in the first post
    More information is in top of both scripts.

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    work well alone bakup ISPConfig files does not work.

    I use the wrong script?

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    The script is written for debian etch withISPconfig 3.x, possibly you're using a different distro?

  9. nokia80

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    yes i use debian on the mail log i have this mesage:

    ISPconfig: No Backup scheduled.

    These are the most recent backup files.

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    The backup of ISPconfig runs at 14:00H and 22:00H, in the notification e-mail backups which are not scheduled to run are mentioned as: No Backup scheduled.

    I've found a little "bug" in the backupscript, the backup of ISPconfig is called twice in the script, when it runs e.g. at 14:00 hours the second part which is scheduled at 22:00 will give the message: No Backup scheduled. (and at 22:00 it will give the same message)

    Working on it.

  11. neobcn

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    Howw to insytall in 3.0.3 and Debian 6??
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    I don't know, I run several Debian 5 Lenny servers, possibly it will run on Debian 6 as well.

    Maybe someone has tested the script already on Debian 6

  13. versatile

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    Yes, it's works perfectly on Debian Squeeze but don't forget to reconfigure dash otherwise you have a error with time settings.

    Ronald nice script :)
  14. neobcn

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    Please how too configure i novice :-(
  15. versatile

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    If you have a error like [ 92 : unexpected error ]. The problem maybe comes from Dash. In debian /bin/sh is a symlink to /bin/dash, however we need /bin/bash, not /bin/dash. But if you have ISPconfig on your server you have reconfigure Dash.( If you don't do this, the ISPConfig installation fail).

    If you have a error run this command in shell

    #bash -x your_script

    If it's works run this command in shell

    #dpkg-reconfigure dash

    Use dash as the default system shell (/bin/sh)? <-- No

    A other solution is to change in the script the first line #!/bin/sh to #!/bin/bash

    If you would like to test the script now ( all backups) at 21:25 and not at 21H you can change this line

    TIME=$(date +"%HH")


    TIME=$(date +"%H:%M")

    you can change




    After just run at 21:25


    to check if all backups work.
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  16. nokia80

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    on debian squeezy i have this error

    ./ line 228: -u: command not found
    ./ line 228: -u: command not found
    ./ line 228: -u: command not found
    ./ line 228: -u: command not found
    ./ line 228: -u: command not found


  17. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    What's in line 228 of
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    I've downloaded the but theres no line 228, it goes up to line 125?
    In the other 2 scripts there's no -u present on the mentioned line, did you make zome modifications yourself?

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    For some reason I can't edit my post so I reply myself :)

    I did some modification of the original script:

    wdbackup-1: backup to FTP once a day
    wdbackup-6: backup the database 6 times a day, ISPconfig twice a day and the websites once a day.

    Also the script checks the (local) diskspace and when running low it wil generate a e-mail which you can send to an second e-mail adres.

    Al the info of the script is included in the header


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  20. nokia80

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    there is somting wrong in the new script when i run it

    a lot of error

    can create directory

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