Amavisd-new configuration with Virtual Users And Domains With Postfix

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  1. sicnarf

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    Hi all,

    I have been performing this howto already, and everything has went well until I reach this page:

    My concern is about configuring amavisd-new. Using apt-get amavisd-new I think gets the new version of amavisd-new and it now has a different structure in terms of storing configuration files. It doesn't anymore have the amavisd.conf file in /etc, rather it now has different filed in /etc/amavis/conf.d.

    Reading through the sample file given in the link below and the structure of the new files, the only thing I could not find is how to set the following line:

    @lookup_sql_dsn = ( ['DBI:mysql:database=mail;host=;port=3306', 'mail_admin', 'mail_admin_password']

    This line is supposed to set the database to the mysql database that was setup earlier. Grepping the entire directory, I can't find this line now. Reading through the manual of the new structure, I think it should be placed in 20-debian_defaults but i'm not sure.

    I can volunteer to re-write this page(as well as page 2 for the vda patch) if somebody can provide me with the way to configure the new amavisd configuration file. I'm also looking at integrating roundcube with this howto, and if I will be successful, I'll write it up for all of us to scrutinize and improve.

    Thanks in advance.



    After searching through the site, I found out that what I followed was the generic version of the howto. I found a howto for virtual user setup using ubuntu 6.10 and debian etch, but surprisingly there is already no mention of how to configure it to use mysql. Is it automatically configured then? I guess this is my real question now. =)

    Thanks again.

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  2. till

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    If you have a file /etc/amavis/conf.d/50-user, you should add the line

    @lookup_sql_dsn =
    ( ['DBI:mysql:database=mail;host=;port=3306', 'mail_admin', 'mail_admin_password'] );

  3. sicnarf

    sicnarf New Member

    Thanks Till

    Thanks for the info till. Perhaps we should re-write the howto for ubuntu 7.04. I'm setting it up on this. I will give feedback once I get this to work. I'm also integrating roundcube with it now. Will also give feedback if this is successful. Thanks again.


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