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Discussion in 'General' started by opsys, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. opsys

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    I want to create a user such as '[email protected]' and have that login only see and be able to chenge records that belong to them.

    I see that the structure is there to allow it but I cannot not figure out how to add an id 'soa.origin' to group.

    admin works fine with adding, deleting, and modifing. Even have Sql Replication working.

    I hag to add ruid to use and group for all the records for admin to be able to VAD (View, add, Delete) in the rr table. (domains imported with mydnsinport {zone xfer})

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  2. till

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  3. opsys

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    Yes I did. And after that I was able to add groups. I can add a user such as [email protected]. But when I login as that user. I get NOTHING on the list_soa page.

    What permissions are need for each group?
    What field allows a group or user to access a record?

    I see many different fields. Sys_user, sys_group., etc.... But I am having trouble reading the comments as they are in German and Google translate makes for funny translations.
  4. till

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    Thats correct if the user has not created any records himself and he is not member of another group where records already exist.

    If you want to share records between users, you must enable the group checkbox for this group in the users settings and set the default group selector to the same group. The default group is the group that is used when new records where created.

    possible permissions in the sys_perm fields are:

    r = read
    i = insert
    u = update
    d = delete

    The default permissions are:

    owner (user): riud
    owner (group): riud
    other: [empty which menas no access permissions]
  5. voipfc

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    I have a feeling that by using updatable database views, users record visiblity and access can be controlled mostly through the database schema. That though is more of a postgresql sql thing.

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