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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by eko_taas, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. eko_taas

    eko_taas New Member

    While testing ISPConfig3, I love it more and more....

    Looking into ISPConfig3 in details, and some questions raised. My existing /var is only 3GB :eek:, so already at testing getting tight...

    1. In Admin-menu "Server Config" I can see that most of customer data goes to /var and biggest would be (and change I am planning):
    + /var/backup (want to reditect to NAS-HD)
    + /var/vmail (want to reditect to RAID5-partition)
    + var/www (want to reditect to RAID5-partition)
    These are biggest users of HD?
    Anything else I should add to above?

    2. I would like to keep ISPConfig set-up as standard as possible, so I considering to use sym-links or fstab-automounting at start-up.
    Any opinion which one better? ISPConfig3 seems to use already sym-links e.g. in "Website symlinks"

    3. Why "Jailkit chroot home" is /home/[username] (I was expecting that I would be e.g. /var/www/clients/client[client_id]/web[website_id].
    Or is Jailkit taking care of this already?

    4. Would be great (for newbee), if installation instructions (manual and/or HowToForge) would have advised some detail guidance to partitions (even if I understand every installation might be different). I should have read better (with tought) e.g. :
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    1) All user data is in /var
    2) Why do you want to add any symlinks? ISPConfig creates already symlinks for the domains for easy shell access and ist higly recommended to not modify these settings.
    3) Thats the home directory for the individual inside the jail, not the full path. Do not change this!
    4) Thats their recommendation and not ours. Our recommendation is found in the perfect server guide. By the way, if var is full, your server will stop working anyway, so it does not matter if just /var is full or if / is full as the server becomes unreachable in both cases. What happens more often is that poeple use a too cluttered harddisk layout with small partitions, which will cause their systems to fail when they install updates or when the partitions fill up while others are nearly not used. I just had such a case a few days ago on a client setup where the server crashed on an update because the / partition was full while there was plenty of space in other partitions.

    So using a separate /var partition is ok. But using too many partitions will cause you a lot of problems later.
  3. eko_taas

    eko_taas New Member

    Very good, thanks for confirmation, have to make sure that /var will be bigger in near future...
    As my /var is only 3GB was getting consirned. I was not planning to change ISPConfig3 paths...
    OK, thanks
    I put foreign link to wake you up (actually 1st google-hit on Linux partitions :p ) - yours states very generally:
    I'll have now (simple :D, all 6 disks with identical partitioning )
    - md0 / ext3 / Raid1 all 6 disks / 256MB as /boot (+all with identical MBR)
    - md1 / Raid5 5(+1) disk LVM
    / ext3 20GB
    /home ext3 200GB
    /var ext3 3GB
    /tmp ext2 3GB
    /usr ext3 3GB
    /dataraid5 ext3 1.7TB
    - md2 /dataraid11 ext3 Raid1 2 disk (for local backup)
    - md3 /dataraid12 ext3 Raid1 2 disk (for local backup)
    - md4 /dataraid0 ext2 / Raid0 2 diks (for speed testing)
    - 6 x 10GBs for misc. future needs ;)
    - 6 x swap 1.2GB (all 6 disks)

    LVM should make it easy to change size of /var by minimizing /dataraid5. Also /home too big as not really in use in server (20GB should do it easily if all customers in /var)....

    But I'll assume your advice scheduled my next weekend - perfect server has to stand it's perfect foundations :rolleyes:

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