All quotas showing as unlimited

Discussion in 'General' started by rodti, Oct 24, 2013.

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    I'm running ISPConfig on two servers (one as a mirror), both of which have recently been upgraded to Wheezy.

    Quotas have worked as intended on this setup in the past.

    While updating templates I noticed that all quotas (web, mail, etc) are all showing in the overviews as unlimited. Usage is shown correctly.

    Quota appears to be working on both servers. The repquota command shows usage correctly but all hard and soft limits are shown as 0.

    The ISPConfig template and client pages show the limits correctly and these are also correct in the ISPConfig database.

    I've resynced everything and run the and scripts but all quotas still show as unlimited in the interface and in repquota.

    Any ideas? Really stumped by this one.

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