All new sites resolve to ISPConfig FQDN???

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by labsy, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. labsy

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    this is my 3rd ISPConfig server, no problems on others, but this one gives me headache. I setup it fresh, new, configured FQDN for services, like: --> general server Welcome message --> for phpMyAdmin --> For ISPConfig Control Panel
    Now, thereafter 1st web site works great.
    But 2nd web site made it to open with content of 2nd web site, instead of my server Welcome message.
    Where did I mess things up? Any idea?
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  2. Taleman

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    Search this forum for wrong website shown.
    Check all websites have IP-Address "*" or the IP-number, not a mix of both.
    Check certificates are OK for all websites.
  3. labsy

    labsy Member

    Geez...too much on my plate lately, my bad: I accidentally forgot to change FTP user's website target, so customer actually uploaded all content to my server's general Welcome site. Lol :oops:
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