All My Mails Are Going To Spam Instead Of Inbox

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by nara_456, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. nara_456

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    I am using ubuntu operating system
    and installed zimbra mail server and
    domain name server - bind 9 in ubuntu.

    The installation of zimbra mail server is completed
    and made an entry in DNS for mail server for
    redirecting mail entries to that system.

    In Forward zone : IN MX
    vidyayug IN A

    In Reverse Zone :

    10 IN PTR

    when i send mail to gmail or yahoo mail
    the mail which i was sending is going to
    spam instead of inbox.

    And I am using Static IP address.

    My doubt is :

    In my DNS I didn't map with any public ip address ?

    How can I map with public address ?

    After configuring internal DNS did i need to map with any other things ?

  2. edge

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    Please do a search on the forum. This topic has already been discussed manytimes here.
  3. nara_456

    nara_456 New Member

    I am new to Mail Server

    And i heard that internet service providers will place ip's in black list
    for avoiding spam.
    But I did not get any article regarding this stuff.
    Is that the reason my mails are going to spam.
  4. edge

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