All it took was 30 seconds to remind me how much of a pain Windows is

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by stevenshawss, Apr 12, 2019.

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    Recently I joined the Linux community and installed the OS (specifically Pop!_OS) on my school laptop (in large part due to the LTT video done by Anthony and James). After about 3 hours of poking things and downloading all the software I need, my laptop was set up for school and everything was running smoothly. So smoothly in fact that I could get around faster than using a Windows PC despite having used them for 15 years now.

    As a result of being busy with school and friends, I hadn't launched my main desktop until a few days. 30 minutes ago I turn it on and open Youtube. The video immediately starts buffering because Windows is updating in the background (which I have disabled dozens of times now). I spend a good 10 minutes figuring out what the issue is and finally find the update downloading and stop it.

    Then I search for a file in the search bar which I know the exact name AND extension and Windows cannot find it. So now I have to look for the damn thing because I forgot exactly where I put it. Right as I find it guess what happens? WINDOWS WANTS TO UPDATE AGAIN. By now, I feel like I'm in a sitcom and I wonder which direction I need to look to stare into the camera.

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