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Discussion in 'General' started by nhybgtvfr, Oct 2, 2020.

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    quick couple of questions about client limits:

    Max. number of web aliasdomains
    Max. number of web subdomains

    do these limits apply to just normal aliasdomains/subdomains, just vhost aliasdomains/subdomains, or all aliasdomains/subdomains.
    i assume it's the latter, in which case, is it much work to get the limits separated to plain aliasdomains and vhost aliasdomains, and plain subdomains and vhost subdomains can all be limited individually?

    just thinking we may not care about how many normal aliasdomains/subdomains a client creates, they all run under the same vhost, and have the same apache processes and php pool allocation but may want to limit the number of vhost aliasdomains/subdomains they can create, due to the allocation of more apache server processes, memory limits, php pools etc. we may want to get them to pay to increase those vhost limits and use more cpu/ram/php resources.

    i know they can create them as whole new websites, but we want to use the domain limit module, with vhost alias/subdomains, they already have the domain assigned, or can create any subdomain they want. if they were to create a subdomain as a whole new website we'd have to assign every subdomain they think of to their accounts before they can create the website.
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    The is no separate limit for the vhost versions, they all fall under alias and subdomain limit.

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