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  1. danhansen@denmark

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    I've got a few questions regarding aliasdomains. I'm hosting a shop, which has 4-5 other domains which has to point at the main domain. Example:

    Main Domain: thestore.tld

    Sub/Alias domains: theshop.tld, thebusiness.tld, thecompany.tld - you get the meaning!

    All subdomains/aliasdomains has to point at the main domain, but, which fields in ISPconfig does what???

    Aliasdomain: ....... theshop.tld
    Parent Website: .. thestore.tld
    Redirect Type: .... ???
    Redirect Path: ..... ???
    Auto-Subdomain: . www.
    SEO Redirect: ...... ???
    Active: (well, of course)

    "Rediret Type", according to the manual, I believe "L" would be ok. But I'm not sure at all.
    "Redirect Path", will this be necessary in this case? I don't think so :eek:
    "SEO Redirect" , well this sound pretty important. If the search engines can work with these other domains, sub/alias domains, it would be perfect. but, then again, I'm not sure how to set this.

    Please help me understand. I DID read the manual, several times. but please be advised. Those who wrote the manual, already new how to do it ;)

    Looking forward to hear from any of you ISPconfig fans ;)

  2. Croydon

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    Redirect path would be http://theshop.tld (main domain)
    Redirect type is R=301,L

    Otherwise you would get duplicate content problem.
    SEO redirect not needed in this case as the above rewrite mode is redirecting everything anyways.
  3. danhansen@denmark

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    Thanks ;) I'll just made it the way you showed me, it works!

    Please explain the "duplicate content problem" which would/could occur !?!?

    Again, thank you ;)
  4. Croydon

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    Assume you have domain1.tld and aliasdomain.tld as second domain.
    If you set redirect path empty no redirect would occur.
    This means if you visit aliasdomain.tld, then this domain will show the same content as domain1.tld.
    So search engines will get the same site content on two different domains.
  5. danhansen@denmark

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    Hi Cramer,

    OK, I see!! this would not be very smart and e.g. google would not like this at all I guess ;)

    If, and when time is, please explain "301" , "L", "R" etc I get!

    Thanks you for helping me out.. It was very helpful!

    Have a nice day...
  6. till

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    Here is a list of all apache rewrite flags:

    the 301 means "Moved permanently", this is the recommended mode for permanent search engine friendly redirects as e.g. google will "add" the page rank of the source URL to the rewrite target URL.
  7. danhansen@denmark

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    Hi Till,

    Just saw this message now. Thanks a lot.. I've saved the link for next time..

    Have a nice day ;)

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