Aliasdomain IPv6 redirects to wrong domain

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by brainsys, Nov 3, 2021.

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    I added to new aliasdomains and to a website The first works perfectly. The second only for IPv4. Both have identical DNS zones with A & AAAA entries. Both were added to the Letsencrypt certificate for the host domain.

    Using IPv6 the second redirects to another site on the same server. I have checked vhost.conf for and the second domain is listed as an Aliasdomain for both port 80 and 443. It is also listed on the ISPConfig AliasDomain box for

    Any ideas what to check next?

    ISPConfig 3.2.7p1 running on Debian 10 amd64
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    Correction to the above. Using I found that the first aliasdomain isn't working properly either. My LAN must have used IPv4 when I did the first tests. So IPv4 appears to be OK but IPv6 is being incorrectly redirected. I think I have found the solution the host domain did not have a IPv6 address.

    Removing the alias IPv6 sorted it. Sorry if Inwasted anybody's time on this.
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