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Discussion in 'General' started by Toucan, Aug 7, 2010.

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    I'm using an alias domain to redirect to to another domain. I want the alias domain to mask the true location of the redirect. I understand this is done through flags possibly, but due to caching I'm unable to view the results of experimentation. I've tried reading the apache documentation in relation to rewrite rules. Is there a short answer to this?
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    If the domain shall stay the same in the address bar of the browser the no redirects are needed, as this is apaches default behaviour for alias domains. So the steps are:

    Click on new alias domain, enter the domain name, select the website, click on save.

    If you want to redirect to another domain, then enter the target domain name incl. http://.... into the path field and select "r" or "l" as redirect flag.
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  3. Toucan

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    I've not had much luck with this. I have tried all the options but I think because of the caching it's difficult to tell which if any gets the desired masked result.

    However, the url i want to redirect to is out of the parent domain. I have in the back of mind that you cannot mask to a completely different domain. Is there any providence to this?

    I've solved my problem by moving the entire site to a subdomain with it's own webspace, but I am still curious so I can fininsh a guide on alias and subs.

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