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    Hi, suppose you have a index.html with the "under construction message" and a index.php as gate to the real content that is under development, both in the root. Then you have an alias domain ( of the clients real domain (

    Now, how do you make it open index.html when ist called and index.php when the alias domain is called??

    I got this far:

    Through Redirect to /subfolder/ with the subfolder having a framed redirect to the Works but when you hover over the links it shows the links. Tried masking that but the latest browsers do not seem to like it.

    Also tried with htaccess. Works but it shows the in the address bar of the browsers and the status bar issue is here as well.

    I also tried JavaScript and PHP too with HTTP_Host etc. nothing works. :(

    When is called without an index.html or redirect, it points perfectly to the index.php and all links on the website are masked with the alias (incl. address bar and status bar). Now if I could get this to work with an index.html along with the index.php so a "under construction page" can be shown when someone visits

    So if it would only be possible to point the alias domain specifically to the index.php instead of the /root and therewith the index.html.

    (I know what I am trying to do is not the real thing because you can see the real address in the source code etc. but if address bar and status bar links would show it would be good enough for me)

    Any Ideas??? Please!!
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  3. jas

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    Yea I know (see my post) but with ISPConfig (3) that's not possible??
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    It is possible with ISPConfig 3 by using apache rewrite rules.

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